Wrapping Up!!

Ok, so here it is: the final post!

My summer is wrapping up, and although I am still sending in a few things for Tikkun over email within the next week, I have officially left the internship. On my last day, I had a meeting with my supervisor to discuss her thoughts about my progress at the internship.

I was actually somewhat surprised by her comments—in a good way! I tend to hold myself to very high standards, so most of the time, I let myself down. But my supervisor was flattering. She said that I was a quick learner and have a good eye for detail. She offered to write me a “glowing recommendation” whenever I needed it.

As I look toward the next year, I will continue to focus on my career goals. My major plans are to begin a blog in the fall where I can start exploring my potential “beat” as a journalist, apply to grad schools in the U.S. and abroad, and start searching for jobs, most likely in the fields of journalism or public policy.

My experience at Tikkun has been very helpful to me overall. I learned invaluable editing and computer skills, added to my portfolio of published writing, and gained a great reference that I can use for applying to jobs. I also broadened my worldview by experiencing California culture and carefully reading the many idealistic and intelligent articles in Tikkun.

Once again, I would very much like to thank the Dickinson Career Center for allowing me this opportunity!! The Internship Grant Program is an amazing one that I have used multiple times now, and most of my friends who attend other colleges are totally jealous.

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