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Welcome to the Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring’s (ALLARM) blog! The ALLARM team has a number of fun adventures working with communities and volunteers interested in assessing the health of their streams. The goal of our blog is to share our experiences and bring you on our journey. We hope you learn more about community-based science and the amazing work taking place in Pennsylvania and New York. If you would like to learn more about ALLARM, go to: dickinson.edu/allarm

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Volunteer Monitoring

Pipeline Monitoring Shale Gas Workshop

Event information: Pipeline Monitoring Shale Gas Workshop, March 23, Fern Hollow Nature Center, Beaver County, PA Shante Toledo On a Friday afternoon we set off on a three-hour journey to Beaver County, PA to help host a Shale Gas workshop the next morning. This was…

ALLARM’s 2018 Annual Report

Our 2018 Annual Report is now live on our website! Check out everything that we have been up to over the past year. Thank you to everyone who contributed to a great year.

The Final Conodoguinet Snapshot

Event information: Conodoguinet Creek Snapshot, March 2, ALLARM offices in Kaufman Hall, Carlisle, PA The Conodguinet Snapshot was a recurring event organized by ALLARM, the Cumberland County Conservation District (CCCD), and the Condoguinet Creek Watershed Association (CCWA). Its purpose was to bring citizen scientists together…