Today, the ALLARM student staff ran around Southern Cumberland Valley doing a variety of things. We gathered supplies and hit the road to obtain parts for the rain barrels we provide community members with in the fall as a part of our stormwater rain barrel workshop! I have never seen a rain barrel be assembled, so it was an enlightening journey when visiting the warehouse we order the parts from. Once we left Biglersville, PA, we headed north to Laurel Lake to take photos of macroinvertebrates for our artillery of photos for future use. With little luck there, we travelled over to Mountain Creek, where we collected many-a-macro! We even found a few of my favorite macro, the water penny, so of course I had to take a photo with the little critters. We took photos of the bugs, which took a lot of patience, and ultimately headed back to the office. The weather was extremely beautiful, and I was glad to get outside!