August Shale Gas Follow-Up Meetings

Event information: Shale gas follow-up meetings, August 6-7, Beaver, Oakmont, and Harrison City, PA

This was an exciting trip! I looked forward to reconnecting with volunteers in Beaver, most of whom have been monitoring for a few years. We reviewed ALLARM’s shale gas protocol and database,, and connected a new monitor to the group. We then traveled to Oakmont for a meeting with volunteers who were trained over the past month. This was a great time to reconnect with some of our newest volunteers, answer their questions, and talk about how monitoring is going. The next day we went to Protect PT’s office in Harrison City for our final meeting, which was also with newly trained volunteers. Follow-up meetings are the perfect time to answer questions, collect quality control (QC) samples, and build relationships with volunteers. I loved seeing everyone again! In-person meetings are one of my favorite parts of my job because it is always fun to meet with volunteers and talk to them face-to-face.

 Post-meeting in Beaver, PA!