Letort Walk: A Reflection on Warmer Months

Earlier this semester, 4 watershed coordinators along with our Director, Julie Vastine, led 19 Dickinson students and family members on a tour of the LeTort Spring run to discuss the ecology of the area and ALLARM’s mission. In celebration of homecoming weekend, we welcomed family members from across Dickinson’s community to join in this tour and hear from four student watershed coordinators. I spoke first about the significance of the geology of the LeTort. I loved the process of preparing for this walk because I was able to learn more about geology and the importance of limestone streams. I also loved having the opportunity to hear my follow watershed coordinators talk on topics they are passionate about. Watershed coordinator, Matt Zaremba spoke on the biology within the stream and pointed out several native and invasive species of plant along our walk. Abby Kaija also spoke on stormwater and best management practices in Carlisle. Finally, Rachel Krewson talked about ALLARM’s practice of LeTort monitoring and demonstrated how we collect water samples and gather data in the stream!

It was wonderful to be able to communicate with Dickinson family members about our work and share the significance of the student experience at ALLARM. All my best ALLARM memories come from community events and this one was no different. I enjoyed having the opportunity to share what I have learned through ALLARM and hear from my colleagues share their unique perspectives. Homecoming weekend is a time to share the student experience with family and celebrate the beginning of another school year. The LeTort nature walk was the perfect place to do this because ALLARM has become such an integral part to my student experience at Dickinson. By collaborating with other watershed coordinators to prepare for this event, we set the stage for another academic year full of teamwork.


Participants of the Letort Walk on September 28, 2019