I had a wonderful summer at MWPAI. I met a lot of different people, I learned a lot about art but I also learned a lot about myself. Although I had a wonderful experience, I decided not to pursue a career in museum-work. And this internship was highly important in my development since it pointed me in the right direction.

I had the opportunity to work with the Director of Development for a while. She had a great influence over me. I found out that I am highly interested in Development and Fundraising and these are fields that I would love to explore in the future. Being able to help others and make a difference is a job that I find very fulfilling and suitable for me. I realize that the opportunities I have been given in life are not present in everyone’s life and if I could give back–nothing would make me happier.

I really enjoyed meeting with artists during my time at MWPAI. I had the opportunity to meet with Bob Huot and see his personal studio. But I also had the chance to interact with the artists from Sculpture Space–supporters of sculptors with artist-in-residency programs–and it was an amazing experience. The artists were very diverse both in the art that they were making but also in their backgrounds. I definitely strengthened my communication skills during this internship which has been one of the biggest takeaways. And I also learned to be open to opportunities and possibilities. Before I started my internship I was certain that I wasn’t interested in Fundraising and Development but now things are very different.

The connections I made during the summer are very valuable. I became friends with the interns and with a lot of the staff members. I will check-in frequently with them, ask about current exhibitions, follow their website and social media and whenever I am in Upstate I will stop by and say hello.

MWPAI contributed to my growth as an individual but I believe that I also had an impact on the Museum. I discussed extensively with Development and other staff members about what I find engaging and attractive in a Museum. I believe they took my suggestions very seriously and the Development Department especially is working on these suggestions in order to attract younger people to the Museum.

When I started my internship in the end of May, I had no expectations. And I am glad I didn’t because I had a unique experience. I wouldn’t do anything differently. I am very satisfied with my experience at MWPAI. My internship ends next week. But I’m off to my next adventure–studying abroad in Florence, Italy.

Sculpture Space in Utica, NY

From August 2-11, the Hot Glass Roadshow is taking place at the Museum. There will be free glassblowing demonstrations from the team from the Corning Museum of Glass and other events. I am excited for these events!

Hot Glass Roadshow