Exciting new contracts to start off July

July 6th, 2017


After the long 4th of July weekend, I thought that it was going to be difficult to get back into work mode. The short week started off a little slow, but we received some exciting new contracts yesterday and now everyone is buzzing with energy. One of my favorite things about my internship is that each contract is different, and therefore requires a different approach. This keeps me on my toes and allows me the opportunity to constantly be learing new tradecrafts. While I am not permitted to disclose who our new contracts are with for security purposes, I can say that it is lucky they contacted us when they did! Within 2 hours of receiving my new task, a suspicious video was uploaded that clearly had bad intentions. What made this video even more of a concern? A .22 caliber leaning against the wall in the corner, as well as a string of aggressive, violent, depressed and threatening posts throughout the suspects twitter feed history.

New contracts also mean that I get to tag along to meetings and keeping track of any necessary paperwork. I love these small excursions, as they give me the chance to see new places and discover hidden gems along the way – ┬álike these picture perfect row houses that I captured below!

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