Fairfax to D.C.

July 19th, 2017

Due to Tactical Institute’s strong ties to the Washington D.C. area, my boss spends a majority of his time traveling to and from “The Hill” as well as other places. I was lucky enough to be invited to tag along on a few of these trips, which certainly made for a fun and different week. My family came to visit me over the weekend, and we spent the hot summer days biking around the monuments. It was nice to see them, and great timing, too! They left, and I was already where I had to be as the work week began.

I was able to attend a few of the meetings, however due to security reasons, not all of them! We also stopped to check-in on some of the wounded veterans that were trained recently. That was a really humbling experience, and I actually learned a few tips and tricks from them to become a better threat spotter.

I really enjoyed meeting so many different professionals and there are some exciting plans in progress! Hopefully, I will be able to share what some of them entail soon.


Below are 2 pictures from my trip into D.C., I had to set up a makeshift desk for one of the days and these cookies were a gift from one of our clients! Yum!

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