The Meaning Of  A Garden


The center is where I desire to be and for that,

desire I must own for my sack.

I take upon the looks they gave me and craft it into the,

form of milk shake.



The seats is red as my anger could be,

and yet I have no intentions of leaving.

The ground is green as his eyes paired with mine deeply,

inside I’m still grieving.



I look at my out side surroundings and the statue of great,

authority is there.

The buildings that all form a path around it leads to my

biggest fear.



Captivated am I? GO ahead laugh it out,

you can’t see what I see.

This garden has torn me apart reminding me what people

can not drive me to be.



Broken, Confused and Ashamed because I was created

for a purpose.

Never let anyone define me, because only I know me, my History, my Past and my Story

I was created for a purpose.


Critical Analysis:

In my poem ” The Meaning Of A Garden” there are four lines in each group of verses and thus this is an example of a quatrain stanza. Each stanza from line three and the four will have a rhyming scheme added to them to demonstrate in a way my thoughts at the moment and how I am trying to connect the issues at hand with thinking about it  metaphorically to an object. When taking apart my diction in lines 7-8 you can get a picture that there is a red chair and that I am simply using it in a way to portray at the present where I’m stationed the way I feel is that I am brighter than that chair  and that all the anger and pain it surpasses the color I’m staring at visually. And that this helps the reader to understanding that internally I am falling apart in the sense that I am like a chair all strong and sturdy but I am also a creation at the moment feeling like I am falling an apart. Using the form of this garden  in a way to create this world where everything is so beautiful and peaceful as well as strong like the statue in the garden it  has powered. The Statute can maintain its strength and so I use that as to say I can be like this garden I am I am this garden. I am strong I am brave and this garden has  A purpose to bring  comfort to others that’s in it and beauty to the school campus and I has a purpose just like the garden I just need to see that,  to just take a second and remind myself that.



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