A Rare Occasion on Morgan Field

With my books in hand, I sit on an Adirondack chair.

I let the winds flirt, flirt away with my hair.

Joyously, I glance at the great green field

It sparkles back at me, celebrating a day so fair.

There is light moving through the dark green leaves

 And thin, short plants reaching for it like little thieves.

 Now, sit back and enjoy the beauties revealed

On a campus where the sunshine is so rare.

This was my first attempt to write an English poem with rhymes. I believe the rhyming scheme, AABACCBA, in this poem causes it to sound simple, almost like a nursery rhyme and improves the flow of the poem to be more story-like, which is what I intended it to do. I used imagery to describe the location, Morgan Field, to make the help the reader imagine it. Personification was used to give a sense of movement and celebration in nature, for example in the poem I said the green field sparkles at me or the short plants reach for the light. In the second line of the poem, I repeated the word “flirt” to portray the repetitiveness  of act of wind playing with my hair a used the rather cliche phrase “now, sit back and enjoy” because it was cliche and I am using it in a sarcastic way, given the two last lines of the poem are bitter, in opposed to the celebratory lines above them. I used alliteration on line six, “like little thieves” and line three, “glance… great green”  because I though it would make those line flow better.

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