Background Information Should Be Used!

Thinking back to when we discussed as a class should the background information of the authors life be used to determine why is it that an author writes? Well from my point of view  since class discussions we tend to go back to an authors bibliography’s and background information in the book then truthfully it should be used to determine why an author writes. Authors write what they know and they write what they experienced and what they been thorough. For example take Ms. Dalloway for instance  the character Septimus was dealing with a post traumatic stress disorder in the novel he was having hullicantions of his friend that died in the war, it’s similar  to when we take a look at Woolf’s background story she too was dealing with a disorder a bipolar disorder. What she was going through and the way she was feeling during her time period must of have a tremendous effect on how she wanted to portrade Sptimus as to use Septimus as a figure to speak for her without her explicitly telling the readers what her state of mind was at the moment. Woolf used Septimus as a war hero  suffering from shell shock to even speak to the readers how the first world war even still scared her, it traumatized her in a way and for that background information should be used to determine why it is  an author writes. I don’t care what Philosophers and critics say that you should disregard what you know about the author and focus on what your getting from the text. I feel if anything knowing the background information helps us to not only understand the text better but to be able to engage in the text more and have a sense of feeling that your in the book and your experiencing and seeing what’s being described on those pages.

9 thoughts on “Background Information Should Be Used!

  1. While you make some very good points, I believe we shouldn’t really use background information to analyze a text mainly because we don’t know if Virginia wrote those things consciously knowing they were related to her own life or not. Also, if we use that as a rule of thumb, there are so many ambiguous details about Virginia and other author’s lives, how do we know what story to believe?

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