What Do You Think?

Based on wednesday’s class discussion that the Androgynous mind is sexless and that it is both the mind of a man and woman, thinking about this it poses the question  should any man and woman give up the way that they think and just focus on thinking the same? Is that even possible is my thought? I honestly don’t think a woman can just give up her views and think the same as a man nor can a man give up his views and the way he sees things and think the same as a woman. For the two to become one in thought it’s very hard for me to picture happening. The reason for this is that woman for a long time have their own feminist perspective on different situations like the case of say something is said in a book isn’t going to be the same way a man judge the book the same he’s going to have his own perspective on the idea. The two individual can simple agree with each other on the same idea but to disregard their individual views and think the same I don’t see it happening.

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  1. I agree with you that having an Androgynous mind is impossible. In addition to that, most of the examples, given by Woolf, as Androgynous minds are not sexless; they basically ignore the female sex and write from the dominant male perspective. While the female perspective can show feminist views, or every non-feminist views that are particular to a woman’s life and interactions, not including that perspective is sexist, not sexless. Same is true with excluding the male perspective.

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