2 thoughts on “Othello and Iago, Vows and Lies

  1. It would be interesting to know or discuss whether Shakespeare wrote the book to re-enforce the racial and gender stereo-types or to dismantle them and how his intention is portrayed in the text. What made me think of this is how in the text, Desdemona is pretty submissive to Othello. I watched the movie “stage beauty” about the acting of Desdemona, by a woman, for the first time and how she believed that while being threatened to be killed, a woman would not just submissively give herself or merely beg for forgiveness but would rather fight. this made me think about the stereotype that women are submissive and physical unable to fight, which is definitely in the text. I wonder whether Shakespeare was aware of his re-enforcement of that or being a product of his society, did it unconsciously.

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