4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Atwood?

  1. Ah, this is an old one. Found this post while working down the page and, since we’re priming to finish up the Atwood segment, I thought I might as well blow off the dust.

    Now, whether this was planned out or not, there’s been a nice tie in with Atwood’s writing and our postmodern discussions. Whether it was the reversed ‘Fairy Tales’ in Good Bones and Simple Murders or the realistic twist to the pastoral childhood stories in True Trash, Atwood seems to have a certain affinity for taking story tropes and twisting them in new, odd ways.

    Now, I only bring this up because of her reading tonight in ATS. The author spent a good time explaining her views on Dystopian vs. Utopian, two common themes in sci-fi writing. Most stories from around the early 50s and 60s dealt with this ‘Dystopian’ ideal of the future being a grim, totalitarian wasteland. It struck me as a new way of shaking ‘out of the norm’ by using the future as a literary allegory while still maintaining that level of realism.

    Though I doubt I’ll have the chutzpah for it tomorrow, I would be interested in asking Atwood about why she enjoys stories that defy the conventional plots and elements.

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