Mrs. Dalloway: beginning and ending

This week we have been discussing pages 3-4 and pages 179-182 of Mrs. Dalloway in relation to the themes of death/life, fun/fear (terror), communication (empathy, connection), and time. We are particularly interested in the use of free indirect discourse. Are there comments about these passages that you’d like to add? Feel free to do so here! (And don’t forget that we have another month of discussion on Mrs. Dalloway, so these themes will recur….)


In this class, we’ll be going back to basics–which means, of course, we’ll be doing the most advanced work possible. We’ll be examining how we read literature. What theories and methods do we–and should we–employ and apply? What kinds of questions do we ask? What kinds of evidence do we bring to bear? The blog gives us a chance to try out different strategies and to hear our colleagues’ feedback about the results. This will help us to understand the use of various approaches as they might apply to future work, shaping our thinking and writing in this class and in future English classes. I look forward to the conversation!