How should literature be read?


           I feel literature should be read in a new historicist criticism. I would being reading the giving text as if it’s written as a historical literature. The text the author wrote would contain historical events that took place within the time period before the text was published, or the period in which the text was written. Take for example “Othello”a play written by Williams Shakespeare. While reading this text a person should view the play as commenting on the relationship between woman and men during the Renaissance in England. The use of military power demonstrated by the main character Othello, I would view this as an example of how the Treks military system of government was established during their time period. Another text I I feel should be read as an historicist criticism is Mrs.Dalloway, written by Virginia Woolf. My first impression of Woolf revealing Septimus as a character dealing with a post traumatic stress disorder made me think about a time period where individuals were experiencing this kind of mental trauma. Furthermore I got the impression that the author must have written the text based off of her own personal experience during, and after the first world war in London during 1923.The fact that history is written within these two texts say that we should read literature as an historicist criticism. Another way how I feel literature should be read is by connecting what an individual have learned in the text their looking at and apply it to a text that they may have read previously. Connecting two different text can help a person understand why is it the author wrote the text in the first place. In a way this can lead the person in the right direction of understanding why the text was constructed during that time period, and how the past is translated in the text itself. Connecting the text can also help a person understand the text as a whole.

            In the future I plan to use my methods in reading literature by applying it to knew texts that I will read over the years. This way I am able to fully understand the text. I can also apply theses methods to any essay assignment that I may have in the up coming year. That way applying the methods I will help my future professor and classmates understand the gist of where I’m coming from; when analyzing a text we may read in class. The use these methods would help my essay’s to be more clear,and consistent.

New Historical Criticism And Mrs. Dalloway



Kennisha Williams



               New Historical Criticism, takes different texts written today by previous authors and assumes that each work is formed from a historical moment. New Historical Criticism also takes literature and places it on the same level as history; both literature and history can be read as the same text. Literature and History are equally important as well.

              Taking into account history in a literary text, the New Historical Criticism would view Mrs. Dalloway written by Virginia Woolf as an example. In Mrs. Dalloway ,Woolf reveals a main character named Septimus. Septimus, in the text, is a war hero who suffers from shell-shock after witnessing the death of his friend Evans. Septimus’ humiliation of seeing Evans causes the people around him to classify him as a mentally ill person,. Septimus’s doctors feel that he’s incapable of caring for himself. When discussing problems about Septimus the doctors uses his wife Rezia as a way of speaking to him, instead of directly communicating with him.  By the end of the novel,Septimus eventually committs suicide. New Historical Criticism would now connect Septimus’ mental illness with the time period in which this took place, World War I. Septimus’ conditions exemplify the many other soldiers in the war. Many solderers witnessed death of their fellow men and therefore became traumatized. New Historical Criticisms would then link Septimus’ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Virginia Woolf herself; for during her life time, Woolf was also struggling like Septimtus. Woolf had Bipolar Disorder. Similar to Septimus, she experienced hallucinations and eventually committed suicide.

             New Historical Criticism, unlike the traditional historians, doesn’t just look at what happened in the past and simply ask what the event tells us now about history, it looks at how the event that has occurred has been interpreted and what questions it might pose. Such questions include, what does the interpretation of the event tell us about the interpreters and is it just as important to know the background information as it is to understand the text.



Here are the two biographies of about Virginia Woolf in case anyone is interested to read more about her.


Background Information Should Be Used!

Thinking back to when we discussed as a class should the background information of the authors life be used to determine why is it that an author writes? Well from my point of view  since class discussions we tend to go back to an authors bibliography’s and background information in the book then truthfully it should be used to determine why an author writes. Authors write what they know and they write what they experienced and what they been thorough. For example take Ms. Dalloway for instance  the character Septimus was dealing with a post traumatic stress disorder in the novel he was having hullicantions of his friend that died in the war, it’s similar  to when we take a look at Woolf’s background story she too was dealing with a disorder a bipolar disorder. What she was going through and the way she was feeling during her time period must of have a tremendous effect on how she wanted to portrade Sptimus as to use Septimus as a figure to speak for her without her explicitly telling the readers what her state of mind was at the moment. Woolf used Septimus as a war hero  suffering from shell shock to even speak to the readers how the first world war even still scared her, it traumatized her in a way and for that background information should be used to determine why it is  an author writes. I don’t care what Philosophers and critics say that you should disregard what you know about the author and focus on what your getting from the text. I feel if anything knowing the background information helps us to not only understand the text better but to be able to engage in the text more and have a sense of feeling that your in the book and your experiencing and seeing what’s being described on those pages.

What Do You Think?

Based on wednesday’s class discussion that the Androgynous mind is sexless and that it is both the mind of a man and woman, thinking about this it poses the question  should any man and woman give up the way that they think and just focus on thinking the same? Is that even possible is my thought? I honestly don’t think a woman can just give up her views and think the same as a man nor can a man give up his views and the way he sees things and think the same as a woman. For the two to become one in thought it’s very hard for me to picture happening. The reason for this is that woman for a long time have their own feminist perspective on different situations like the case of say something is said in a book isn’t going to be the same way a man judge the book the same he’s going to have his own perspective on the idea. The two individual can simple agree with each other on the same idea but to disregard their individual views and think the same I don’t see it happening.

The Meaning Of  A Garden


The center is where I desire to be and for that,

desire I must own for my sack.

I take upon the looks they gave me and craft it into the,

form of milk shake.



The seats is red as my anger could be,

and yet I have no intentions of leaving.

The ground is green as his eyes paired with mine deeply,

inside I’m still grieving.



I look at my out side surroundings and the statue of great,

authority is there.

The buildings that all form a path around it leads to my

biggest fear.



Captivated am I? GO ahead laugh it out,

you can’t see what I see.

This garden has torn me apart reminding me what people

can not drive me to be.



Broken, Confused and Ashamed because I was created

for a purpose.

Never let anyone define me, because only I know me, my History, my Past and my Story

I was created for a purpose.


Critical Analysis:

In my poem ” The Meaning Of A Garden” there are four lines in each group of verses and thus this is an example of a quatrain stanza. Each stanza from line three and the four will have a rhyming scheme added to them to demonstrate in a way my thoughts at the moment and how I am trying to connect the issues at hand with thinking about it  metaphorically to an object. When taking apart my diction in lines 7-8 you can get a picture that there is a red chair and that I am simply using it in a way to portray at the present where I’m stationed the way I feel is that I am brighter than that chair  and that all the anger and pain it surpasses the color I’m staring at visually. And that this helps the reader to understanding that internally I am falling apart in the sense that I am like a chair all strong and sturdy but I am also a creation at the moment feeling like I am falling an apart. Using the form of this garden  in a way to create this world where everything is so beautiful and peaceful as well as strong like the statue in the garden it  has powered. The Statute can maintain its strength and so I use that as to say I can be like this garden I am I am this garden. I am strong I am brave and this garden has  A purpose to bring  comfort to others that’s in it and beauty to the school campus and I has a purpose just like the garden I just need to see that,  to just take a second and remind myself that.