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Last day of work

Hi everyone,

Every party has to come to an end, and same applies to my internship. PwC has been nothing but a blast, the amount of work I got to do and the amount of knowledge I gained are just hard to list. In PwC I got to be treated as a whole adult, given tasks that an official associate got to do. I learned at least an overview of M&A, a field that I very much want to work on after graduation. I met seniors, that looks beyond my young self, and were willing to help me to learn, from Excel to basics of accounting. Even people who care so much that suggest me not going into this field, due to crazy workload. I appreciate everyone in the office, with diverse personalities, that this summer I got to work on my person skills, how to deal with many types of people. This summer, I got to experience what it is like to “try” to have a work-life balance, to work till morning, clock out at 3AM in the morning, and go home sleep for 3 hours. I saw for myself for the first time what it is like to be diplomatic with the clients who are not “auditors”-friendly to get the information that we need.

Also along with PwC, I joined SEO-V, which is an internship training program. For the first few weeks, we went through training such as professionalism, negotiation skills,problem solving, marketing pitch, speaker series, career talks . It was 12 or more working hours everyday for 2 months. It was intense, there were moments of “why am I doing this?”. However, now after 10 weeks of SEO-V, where I know so much more about the professional world, that I could not have the opportunity to learn in school. It’s definitely a long way to go till I make it in life, however, this is a baby step where I am more confident and willing to go extra miles to build up my career.

To end off, and to thank you for following my blog this whole summer, a Buzzfeed article for you: minions as interns

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