First Week, Part II

The first intense week in the Manchester office has passed, and I’m continuing to learn more about how a state office functions. Someone’s phone is always ringing!

I had wondered if a NH-based office would be isolated or narrow, but we’re well-connected to DC and the wider world. Newsletters and the web mean that I have a daily dose of information about the government, the senator’s work, and the issues at hand.

I entered an office filled with boxes last week. It was a hands-on experience- I helped load a truck (complete with stuffed moose and bear). Manchester, as the state headquarters, received all the New Hampshire-made products for an exhibition in Washington. I never knew my home state produced such a wide variety of products. From breweries to candy shops to the posters of autumn landscapes, there was a lot of NH pride in that place!


A box of New Hampshire products- and a moose!
A box of New Hampshire products- and a moose!

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