Week 3 – Writing

Dear Friends,

Letter-writing is, I think, one of the parts of my internship (and of being part of a senator’s office in general) that was both least expected and most enjoyable. The senator is regularly invited to events around the state that she cannot attend- in her place, someone from the office will go to the event and read a letter.

Being involved in the letters has also made me more aware of events in the state. I wrote a letter for a celebration of court appointed special advocates who work with neglected children; I learned about the creation of a new Family Justice Center in Manchester. It was really neat to see articles in the local newspapers talk about the same organizations that I had researched and written about.

Letter-drafting is (so far) my favorite job. It’s a good word-smithing job, because it involves bringing together what the organization does, and what has been said in the past, and what applies today and for the future. While form letter are designed to apply to a large group, part of my job is to individualize them when appropriate. I look up specific details about an award or a project, and try to see how it fits into the larger frame. I like learning about what is going on around the region, seeing how an event comes together behind the scenes, and helping it along.


Anna Morrison
Intern, Office of U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen

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