Mail for Manchester

Dear Senator Shaheen,

My name is [NAME REDACTED] and I am 12 years old. I am a student at [SCHOOL REDACTED]. An issue that I care about is homework. I think there is too much and I would like homework to be banned in New Hampshire.

Thank you, [NAME REDACTED].

In addition to drafting letters, as an intern I also deal with the other half of the writing process: incoming mail. Constituents write to the senator for all sorts of reasons. I recently read through a batch all written by middle schoolers, dealing with everything from homework (see above for a summary) to bullying to pollution to terrorism. It’s also provided an opportunity to see how the offices interact with each other.

Manchester is the head office in NH, and any calls or communications that don’t go to a regional office end up here. We’re the last stop in NH. All the mail is scanned, put into a database, and assigned to someone in Washington DC for a reply.

I wonder who’ll get to write to that student about the proposed homework ban.

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