Case Closed

I think my favorite words in the world may be ‘closed favorably’.

We (the interns) have been sorting through old cases and shredding those that are past a certain date. The cases have a wide range; many date from the housing crisis during the beginning of the recession. Others are about visas, loans, veterans affairs.

Many of the cases that are filed in the office represent people’s last resort. Casework documentation includes letters with beautiful handwriting that reminds me of my grandmother’s, scans of honorable discharge papers, touching thank-you notes addressed to assistants in the office.

It’s a tangible representation of the work that the senator’s office accomplishes for citizens in New Hampshire; while at times the cases are dead-ends or non-respondents, many are ‘closed favorably’. The triangle of constituent, assistant, and department/bank/other party has interacted successfully.

This aspect of work in the senator’s office is very interesting to me. It’s part of what accounts for the multitude of phone calls we get; it’s almost like non-profit work, which is another field that interests me. Public service is tiring, intensive, but can be ultimately very rewarding.


Also: Happy (belated) 4th of July!

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