How Many Interns Does It Take to Run a Copier?

Some days are fast. Others are… slower.

The fast-paced days are filled with phone calls and files and (sometimes) new faces. They always provide something new for the mind. I like those days, and I  need to keep in mind that if I did work in this office full time, my days would be regularly scheduled and fairly work-intensive.

It’s on slow days like these that you really appreciate having coworkers (or in my case, co-interns) to share the work with. The busy days can be hectic and stressful (one man called twice in a row to complain vehemently about a current political issue), but they are in some ways preferable to the slow days. The lack of work is dull, and I dislike waiting for orders.

When I don’t have work assigned to me, I keep up on current events and read the daily email compilation of headlines involving the congressional NH delegation, the State House, and highlights of the national news.

But after a while, we all get bored and want something to work on, to dig our mental teeth into.

But if we don’t get it, we try to make it ourselves, divvying work up so as to give us all something to do.

Even if it’s just figuring out the mysteries of the copy machine.

Oh, and how many interns? Three.

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