What Lead Me Here

As a student employee at Dickinson’s Career Center, March and April are largely memorable for the ever-present summer internship panic on campus. Of course, applying to internships is scary, but even finding the right one can be pretty intimidating. I scoured the school’s resources, like DickinsonConnect and the Liberal Arts Career Network (LACN), but ultimately found my top choice through social media, with the help of a friend.

I originally heard about SHI through another student I went abroad to Madagascar with the summer after my first year. Becky interned with them last summer, and when I met her that July to catch up, she was enamored with the org and the work she was doing. This stuck with me; Becky is one of the most intelligent and passionate people I know, and I figured anything that she felt this strongly about warranted attention.

I looked up a few articles about Callisto, their third party, online sexual assault reporting system, then began following them on Facebook to keep up with their latest news. I also kept track of them on Idealist, a job posting website for mostly nonprofit, socially-minded work. In the spring, I applied to about five internships, but when SHI posted their development fellow position, it went to the top of my list. Of course I loved the org already, but I was also hoping to get some experience in development. This past winter, I completed a small internship in a federally qualified community health center in my hometown and became close with their DDO. Working in the nonprofit sector, fundraising skills are a great way to understand the field and improve your own marketability.

I completed a phone interview over spring break, then traveled to NYC for the day in March to do an in person interview with the DDO and executive director. I knew this was the place for me when Tracey stated they were trying to build a staff of “badass lady bosses”.

So, I start tomorrow, and I have high hopes. I’m looking forward to the work, but also so incredibly thankful to be connected and working with such influential and creative change makers.