Connecting with Other Interns

Sexual Health Innovations took on four fellows this summer: me, the development fellow, a Callisto fellow, and two special projects fellows. The Callisto fellow is in our San Francisco office, so I only interact with her over video chats, but I’ve gotten close with the other two in my office.

They have spent the past few months completing an incubator project; our supervisors tasked them with creating their own piece of technology to improve sexual health in the US. Next week, each will present their idea.

I’ve been slightly involved with their projects; since I’ve been drafting and editing project notes, as well as participating in budget meetings, I have some insight into how their proposals should look and sound. Mostly, I’ve been a sounding board for their ideas.

It’s tough finding people with similar interests, so I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them. We work very independently from each other, but it’s been worthwhile to schedule time to all meet and talk, whether it’s about their projects, my work with SHI, or general topics in sexual health.

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