Finishing up

Last week, I completed my internship at SHI. It was great to see the other interns’ project presentations, and have a final long talk with my supervisor. Of everything I’ve learned this summer, these are the most important:

  • Use all the resources your site and Dickinson offers: Primarily, the internship notation and grant program. These allow your internship to be officially marked on your transcript, and the grant provides money to students to alleviate the costs associated with an internship (rent, transportation, and food). The perks at WeWork were less helpful for me as just a temporary intern, but they had a lot of free food and events for members!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for more work: even if your boss seems busy, it’s important to remind them that you’re there to help and to learn.
  • Ask a ton of questions, about everything: I asked my peers and employers all about their educational and career backgrounds, as well as the internal workings of the org and its various relationships with donors, other companies, and foundations.
  • Network: I had to ask my boss a few times to introduce me to people I wanted to meet. I also made sure to connect with them on LinkedIn afterwards.
  • Get advice: I asked my supervisor and the CEO a bunch of times for career advice, and made sure to keep them updated on what my plans for the future are. I also intend to keep in touch with them in the coming years, as they know a ton about graduate programs and could connect me with some of their friends who went to the schools I’m interested in.

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