Planning ahead


Working at Sexual Health Innovations has helped me a lot in deciding what I want to do both during and after my final year at Dickinson.

Primarily, I’ve reaffirmed my commitment to working in sexual and reproductive health. The biggest realization I’ve come to is that I want to go to graduate school for public health; I want to do more in the field, and I think this would be a great learning environment for me. I’m taking the GRE in September, and planning to apply in the fall.

Thanks to the Career Center’s internship grant, I’ve been able to try out living in NYC and have really loved it. I would definitely want to live here again after college.

When I get back to Dickinson, I’m going to try to take a computer science class to learn more about coding and the tech necessary to make programs like Callisto. I’m also hoping to bring programming from a group that runs workshops for Greek students to help change cultures of sexual violence on campus.

I’m so thankful to everyone at SHI and Dickinson for making this experience such a great one, and helping me determine what’s ahead.

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