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May 2nd, 2011
        This literary project was assigned as a course requirement for the completion of Arabic Literature in Translation 20-200 in the Department of Middle East Studies in Dickinson College. It is an ambitious collection of documents, biographies, galleries, recent publications and free e-books complemented by open access journals on the Arabic literature. The project was created by Abou-Khalil, May; Fishelov, Avigal; Kennedy, Gwendolyn; Soifer, Terri; ElFallah, Nadia; Mable, Travis; Patrick, Christopher; Segal, Noah; Majarian, Jeffrey whose moral obligation was to make of the course the best collaborative learning experience for them all and future students. Special thanks must go to Todd Bryant for his kind efforts throughout the semester. Thank you so much!
Professor Bary
MES Department
 Avigol                           Chris                            Gwen
  May                            Nadia                            Noah
 Jeff                                Terri                            Travis
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