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Arabic Literature in Film and Televison

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Arabian Nights (1942)


Sinbad the Sailor (1947)


The Golden Blade (1953)


Arabian Nights (1974)


The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (1974)


Aladdin (1992)


Arabian Nights (2000)


Arabian Nights (2011)


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Arabic Literature in Europe and America

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Migration, Literature and Cultural Identity: The Case of Arab Emigrants to the United States in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries


The Thousand and Second Tale of Scheherazad, Edgar Allen Poe


“Radio Tales”: Aladdin, Ali Baba and Sinbad the Sailor


Modern Arabic Literature and the West (SOAS)


Modern Arabic Literature and the West


The Translation of Modern Arabic Literature into European Languages


“A Bright Decade for Arabic Literature in the United Kingdom”


“Arabic Literature Finds an Audience in Europe”


“Arabic Literature Takes Center Stage in London”


Modern Arabic Literature and the West
M.M. Badwai, ISBN 0863720447

Arab and American Cultures
Atiyeh, George N. ISBN:  9780844721156

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Cross-Cultural and Inter-religious Arabic Literature

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Judeo-Arabic Literature


Popular Arabic Literature of the Jews


Medieval Spain: Muslims, Jews and Christians


The Ornament of the World: How Muslims, Jews and Christians Created a Culture of Tolerance in Medieval Spain
Maria Rosa Menocal   ISBN 9780316566889

Between Hebrew and Arabic poetry : Studies in Spanish Medieval Hebrew Poetry
Tobi, Joseph. ISBN: 9789004184992

Iberian Jewish Literature : Between al-Andalus and Christian Europe
Decter, Jonathan P. ISBN: 9780253349132

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Arabic Literature and Muslim Spain

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Culture of Muslim Spain


Course Materials on Muslim Literature in Spain


The Arab-Islamic Community in Spain




Ibn Hazm


Ibn Rushd


Iberian Jewish Literature : Between al-Andalus and Christian Europe
Decter, Jonathan P. ISBN: 9780253349132

Spain to England: A Comparative study of Arabic, European, and English Literature of the Middle Ages
Lasater, Alice E. ISBN: 9780878050567

Islamic Literature in Spanish and AljamiadoYça of Segovia (fl. 1450), his Antecedents and Successors
Gerard Wiegers  ISBN 9789004099364

The Legacy of Muslim Spain (2 Vols)
Salma Khadra Jayyusi  B0019QHKNY

Islam in Spanish Literature: From the Middle Ages to the Present
Luce Lopez-Baralt, Andrew Hurley ISBN 9789004094604

Muslim Spain 711-1492 A.D.: A Sociological Study
S. M. Imamuddin ISBN 9789004061316

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Arabic Literature and its Impact on Europe/European Literature:

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Europe: A wonderland for Arabic literature?


Arab’s Knowledge Contributions to Europe

Arabic Literature Today: European Experiences


Impact of Islamic Civilization on European Civilization in the Field of Language and Literature


The Arabian Nights, Arab-European Literary Influences, and the Lineage of the Novel


Modern Arabic Literature


The Arab Influence on the Italian Renaissance


Arabic Literature Goes International


Arabic Literature: Not Quite Renaissance


Arabic Civilization and its Impact on the West


Banipal: Magazine of Modern Arabic Literature


Islamic Literature


Review: Arabic Culture and Medieval European Litearture


Literary Modernity Between the Middle East and Europe: Textual Transactions in 19th Century Arabic, English and Persian Literatures
Rastegar, Kamran ISBN 041542654

English Poets in Arabic: The Arab Romantics’ Knowledge of English Poetry: A  study in Comparative Literature
Abdel-Hai, M.  ASIN: B0007BPGOC

Atheism in the Medieval Islamic and European World: The Influence of Persian and Arabic Ideas of Doubt and Skepticism on Medieval European Literary Thought
Azinfar, Fatemeh  ISBN 1588140512

The Arabic Role in Medieval Literary History: A Forgotten Heritage
Menocal, Maria Rosa  ISBN: 0812280563

Debunking the Myths of Colonization: The Arabs and Europe
Attar, Samar ISBN: 0761850384

Crossing Borders : Love Between Women in Medieval French and Arabic Literatures
Amer, Sahar  ISBN: 9780812240870

The Vital Roots of European Enlightenment: Ibn Tufayl’s Influence on Modern Western Thought
Attar, Samar  ISBN: 9780739119891

Arab Representations of the Occident : East-West Encounters in Arabic Fiction
El-Enany, Rasheed ISBN: 9780415332170

Hispano-Arabic Literature and the Early Provençal Lyrics
Abu-Haidar, J. A. ISBN: 9780700710157

Scheherazade in England : A Study of Nineteenth-Century English Criticism of the Arabian Nights, 1st ed.
Musawi, Muhsin Jasim. ISBN: 9780894102462

The Matter of Araby in Medieval England
Metlitzki, Dorothee. ISBN: 9780300114102

Islam and the Divine Comedy 1st ed.
Asín Palacios, Miguel,  ISBN 978-8187570202

European Modernity and the Arab Mediterranean: Toward a New Philology and a Counter-Orientalism
Karla Mallette ISBN 9780812242416

Gibran, Rihani & Naimy: East-West Interactions in Early Twentieth-Century Arab Literature
Aid Imanquileva ISBN 9781905937271

Cultural Encounters in Translation from Arabic
Said Faiq  ISBN 9781853597435

Islam and the Medieval West: Aspects of Intercultural Relations
Khalil I. Semaan ISBN 9780873954099

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The History of Arabic Literature

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The Encyclopedia of Arabic Literature




A Brief Introduction to Modern Arabic Literature
Tresilian, David  ISBN: 9780863564055

Modern Arabic Literature
Muḥammad Muṣṭafá Badawī  ISBN 9780521331975

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The Arabic Short Story

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The Arabic Short Story

The Arabic Short Story followed two major strands, Romantic and Realist. The short story movement first emerged in the late 19th century, with the expansion of newspapers and magazines across the Arab world. Short stories first appeared as serialized works in these weekly or monthly publications, and took their primary themes from national conditions and circumstances. The short stories all emerged from the same central strand, but were thematically and stylistically diverse based on the nationality of each particular author. The ‘Golden Age’ or the Arabic short story came in first half of the 20th century, and one of the leading causes of this literary revolution was the development of nationalism and independence across the Arab world.

The most famous authors of Romantic Short Stories came from Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq. Each of these nations produced world-class author and a number of distinct literary themes. Egyptian authors, for example, often wrote about nationalism, patriotism and women’s roles in society. By contrast, Palestinian authors almost always wrote about the pain and loss of their homeland, as well as the challenges of displacement. Finally, the Lebanese romantic short stories were often colored by a love of the Lebanese homeland, multiculturalism, and the difficulties of migration away from Lebanon. Each of these national traditions produced different variations in the Romantic short story, and produced a very vibrant literary tradition.

The Realistic short story is a natural counterpart to the Romantic story, as it eschewed romanticism and fictionalization in exchange for frank and truthful descriptions of life in the Middle East. Realistic short stories described the every day life of Arabs, especially those of the middle and lower class. These stories were often written through the stream of conscience, and attempted to portray the average Arab life as realistically as possible. Like the Romantic short story, the Realistic story also followed certain national traditions, and also featured a number of incredibly famous authors. Some of the overarching themes of the Realistic short story include the mundaneness of life, the suffering of the lower class, and the economic disparity within Arabic society. Some of the most famous Realistic authors included Taha Hussein, the dean of Arab realism, Tawfik Yusuf, an author that questioned daily life, and al-Bardawi, a man that wrote nothing but short stories throughout his entire career. These authors are but a few of the many Realist short story writers, and they each had different themes and techniques that made the Realist short story an incredibly diverse and vibrant literary tradition.

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Arabic Literature in Europe

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This is a pretty general source, but I think it will be a good starting point not only for my topic, but for just about everyone in the class. It seems to cover a huge variety of topics, and should give people plenty of ideas start reseraching.

Encyclopedia of Arabic Literature:


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