Adam Sh Fall05

Hey all,
I’ve been in Japan for about 10 days now through the IES Tokyo Program. For the first few days we went through an in depth orientation program at the OVTA in Makuhari, where both the IES center and Kanda University is located. About 4 days afterwards met my host parents, who live in Yotsukaido, which is about an hour away, by bike, train and foot. Its a long trip every morning and i have to wake up every morning at 6:30am. But its cool. My host parents are really nice, and fit me into their family right away. Gave me a seat at the table, and a bike to borrow to ride to the train station, which is a big help… Ano… Classes haven’t started yet, but so far i’m signed up for Japanese 2, using the none other than the Genki 2 book, and also signed up for an Anime and Manga class, Politics and Society of Japan, Arts and Society, and a specific Kanji course. And today i just signed up for a Kyudo and Kendo club. (Traditional Japanese Archery, Kyudo; and sword fighting, kendo.) Thats about it for now, later.