IB&M Interns Sum 05

On Thursday, March 2nd, Brian and myself met with Dale Cross at the Carlisle OIC. During our approximately thirty minute meeting, we discussed the first financial project we would begin. The project Mr. Cross proposed entailed researching and developing a list of private foundations to target for grants. He explained how we should review and understand the mission, resources and capabilities of the Carlisle OIC in order to get a good understanding of which foundations to target. He said that once we had a firm grasp of the purpose of the OIC that we would should attempt to target private foundations that would qualify and be interested/capable of making donations. Mr. Cross then gave us each a list of current foundations that have been targeted for donations or have made donations in the past. He explained that reviewing these current foundations and proposals would provide an adequate foundation for us to begin our research. We then discussed how much of the research could be done offsite but that when we had developed a list of possible foundations that we should meet and discuss each one. Together we will whittle our original list of possible foundations down and then begin getting the written proposal together. At the end of the meeting we decided due to scheduling conflicts to meet the first Tuesday after spring break.
After the conclusion of the meeting I felt that it was very productive. I think that Brian and I both understand the task that is being asked of us and that we have a very good chance of making a positive contribution to the Carlisle OIC. Mr. Cross is very open and flexible and I think that we will be able to get along with him for the remainder of the semester. On a personal and professional level I believe that the three will keep up communication and be able to easily work together. The only anxiety I have in regards to our project is finding a few private foundations that have not yet been targeted by the OIC that will donate this spring.
After meeting with Mr. Cross Brian and I came to the consensus that we need to do some background reading in our Non-Profit texts about fundraising and grants. Although we have not covered this material in class yet, it is absolutely necessary that we know about these two areas before we attempt to locate private foundations for grants for the OIC. A further understanding of fundraising and grants will help place the project in prospective and help define our search and purpose.


So Landura just got out of a huge lawsuit where the tenants sued due to excess mold and mildew in the units. When I inspected, I found that there was only mildew in the units that weren’t cared for. Go figure. Anyway, this lawsuit has been a big setback for Landura for a few years running, and it was finally settled last week. We only pay something like $8,000 and we have to take care of the maintenance issues that we would take care of if regular tenant maintenance requests were submitted. Really not a bad deal for us. The owner was relieved like you wouldn’t believe, and I got to tell him. This was nice because I’d just gotten into a pseudo-accident when a piece of a tire flew into the front of my car, denting the hood, etc. The good news outweighed the bad. Veeery nice for me. Also, I finally met Bob Engle- my dad’s lawyer and the one that covered the lawsuit. That was fun, since I’ve heard his name all my life but had never actually met him. Go figure. Anyway, just thought I’d throw that update in because it’s HUGE for the company.

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