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This afternoon I handed in my proposal.  I really liked the idea of having the proposal by the paper because it reinforced the importance of initial research and planning, which I too often rush.  I choose a difficult topic of mercenaries and I struggled to bring it all together.  I think it ultimately worked out though.  I am learned so much information concerning immigration which should help in my senior seminar next semester.  Also, next semester I will make sure to isolate the leading historians on my material, not just the most recent or convenient! 

In my research about Irish mercenaries.  I realized I had skipped over information about British soldiers, forgetting that the Irish comprised the British military-I just caught myself-duh! So, I am looking over  a few sources again.

I had been busy doing work for other classes-now I can put that work on hold and refocus for this assignment.  The sources I was waiting for have all come in and are helpful, though not as helpful as I would have hoped…oh well. I am not sure if I want to structure the assignment as a book proposal or a general research proposal. I plan to finish in the next couple days-I just have to work on the historiography. 

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