Elizabeth K.

So in my last weeks at Plum TV, I hope to enjoy a slightly less hectic schedule. Yesterday i had a sales pitch to a local business owner who owns an inn, called the Hob Knob, which is frequented by celebrities, a building company, and a realty firm….and it was succuessful for the most part. Also, there is a yearly list of the best businesses on the vineyard that is rather prestigous to be named to and me and my fellow sales intern are incharge of rallying support from these businesses. Otherwise, i’m ordering new signs for the offices and genearlly making sure stuff is completely up and running before i leave. It’s going to be really hard to come back to school….this is kind of a cushie lifestyle up here. LOve it!

just wanted to check in and say what i’ve been up to! Plum never stops moving. LITERALLY. The past couple weeks have been jam packed with things to do. I have been responsible for getting Plum Info in rental welcome packages at local realtors as well as table tents to inns and businesses so i have been running around all over the isaldn for that. Also, I’ve been doing alot of camera work for the show we do in the mornings called Morning Noon and Night ( don’t worry sarcone, you’ll get to see it and laugh, I’m even on one show!) I do the jib shot ( which is the sweeping pan shot as you open the show) I now am doing alot of the marketing tasks, because unfortunately i will not be here for the fall. So I’m out there, talking to people, going to some cool functions, making meetings and what not. Actually, I have been working with our New York office and will be going on some shoots tomorrow with Volkswagen people ( Volkswagen is a national sponsor of ours). Should be fun. Also, i make dvds and other press/pr tools and get them to clients in the meetings i’ve been attending. Unfortunately with all this responsibility, comes sacrifices…i’ve started working almost 16 hour days on a regular basis. Oh well, that’s what i get for taking on a bigger production roll ( it’s more fun!) Any ways, hope you guys aren’t roasting in the humidity whereever you are…..
Over and Out from Plum,

ps. i’m covering harry potter parties all night tonight! WOOHOO!!!

My friends were telling me i should be keeping a running tab of all the responsibilities i’ve been given and exactly what i do so i can put them on the ole’ resume for future jobs. is this advisable? well enjoy the fourth!
Young Liz

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