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Every American knows what happened during the Civil War.  What most people do not know, however, is what went on behind the scenes.  Abraham Lincoln is credited with the abolition of slavery which led to the Soutern succession.  The task of running a war by just one man is monumental and virtually impossible.  Lincoln had help from all directions.  During the several years of the war, Lincoln received help from his Secretary of War, who changed mid-way through the war, and two of his top Generals.  This book will view the co-dependence of all these men on one another.  Lincoln was unable to make decisions without these men, and these men needed Lincoln to get their needs met.

Even though Abraham Lincoln and these few men he relied on during the war have had many books and articles written about them from the time they lived to the present, many of the books that cover this subject are out dated.  It is time that someone takes a new approach and write a new book about these key men in the Civil War.  These men needed one another in order to accomplish objectives during the Civil War.  It was not a one man show, and many people do not realize that.  Many believe that Abraham Lincoln was the only reason for the Civil War and the victory of the North.  A war can not be won or lost by one single man.  It took teamwork to win this war, and that is what this book will reveal, the teamwork that Lincoln had with Simon Cameron, Edwin M. Stalton, Ulysses S. Grant, and William T. Sherman.

This book will also cover the different views that have been taken of each man and how that view has changed over time.  Each man’s short biography will cover his life from his early days all the way until his death, but it will mainly focus on the years shortly before, during and after the war.  The differing views of each man through the past 150 years is interesting to see and will be covered in each biographical section.


As mentioned earlier, many books that have been written on these men are outdated.  There are some that even cover Lincoln and his cabinet, but it does not bring together all of these men like this book will.  This book will offer a new insight to support and offer new ideas as to what happened between Lincoln and his informal cabinet.  It is time for a fresh approach to this subject and that is what I intend to do.


I will gather as much primary research as possible on each man.  I will primarily use the Military History Institute and the National Archives in Washington to find correspondences between these men, diaries and other objects that will be useful in my investigation.  I will scour the Dickinson College Library, and other libraries to find more primary documents and many secondary documents.  I will use the primary sources to determine what the relationships were like amongst the men, while secondary sources will be used to view how people have viewed these men differently since their deaths.


Since this is a massive undertaking it will take a great deal of time to gather and dissect this information.  My deadlines for for book are:

December 19, 2007- Hear back about my proposal and whether or not it was accepted of denied.

January 19, 2008- If accepted, travel to the National Archives to start initial research, if denied, I won’t do that.

February 21, 2008- Begin research at the Military History Institute, gathering as much primary source material as possible.

April 1, 2008- Review all of my material and begin organizing it into some order.

June 15, 2008-  First draft of book is completed and what little editing and revising is done.

July 22, 2008- Second draft and even less editing.

September 1, 2008- Publish and party.

Brief Bibliography
Here is a small sample of the information I will be using for this book.

Thank you for your precious time…Have a good day.

Well, after reading Mr. Michael Dalton’s post, it reminded me of using tertiary sources to being my research.  After looking through the ever-reliable wikipedia, I found some quality sources on Abraham Lincoln.  I think that I am going to drop Lincoln’s VP, Hannibal Hamlin, from my list of people.  That leaves me with his two secretaries of war and two of his generals.  I am still working on basic research now, and just seeing what interactions these individuals had with one another and how plausible this project is.

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