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I found a great source for information on the trucking industry in Carlisle. The Central Penn Business Journal, which I located through ProQuest, may be helpful for others who are also studying aspects of business in downtown Carlisle and the surrounding area. An article in the journal noted that the trucking industry is one of the areas major employers. I found this very interesting in terms of the overall Carlisle economy. I now see truck traffic and air quality issues as complex because the truck industry is thriving in Carlisle and is helping the economy. Therefore, I have a better understanding of the importance of collaborating with the truck industry to solve these community problems.



This past weekend I conducted my first formal interview with a tape recorder. Unlike my last interview, this one was very different and  challenging. Initially my interviewee was not nearly as comfortable because he saw the recorder out of the corner of his eye. However, after a while he became more comfortable with he fact that he was being taped and the interview from there went great.  It was also more beneficial because I received a lot more information having it on tape.


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