Scott S.

Well this week was jam packed with different mutual fund meetings. We met with a guy from the AIG growth fund, who was trying to get us to partake in buying this particular fund. The scoop is… growth funds are not doing too hot as of right now. it seems that their specific market is just not hot. However the guy gaurenteed us that it was going to improve. So when my boss and i heard gaurantee, we said thank you and goodbye, because as you know there are no gaurentees in this business.

As well I was involved with setting up a persons bloomberg terminal. Bloomberg is the industries leading software-computer that effectivley and efficently allows people in the investment world to follow, research, trade, compare the different markets. With my experience from bloomberg last year from when I work their I taught this guy everything he needed to know about the machine. I set up portfolios for him, as well as created some bond, and equitiy dirivitaves for him to use. All in all I made him about an extra 100 k a year from the benefit that he will have from this machine. As well from this machine my boss showed me moreso how to do analytics regarding stocks, bonds, funds, and futures. it was a big week for me and i will be looking forward to making up some mock portfolios for you DR. Sarcone. however you must promise that you will use none of my fool proof investment stratigies for yourself, becacuse they belong to MS. hahaha.

Talk to you soon hope your vacation was stellar.



Thats topic / magazine article doesnt pertain to most of us. What would you like us to do in our essay. nothing has been posted at this point.

Last week was an exciting week on the morgan stanley home front. We got an account to settle. By doing so, my boss wanted me to pretend to sit down with our perspective client with the portfolio. The reason why he wanted me to go through this excercise is because, he wanted to see my thinking, when meeting with a client. The “lesson of the Day” was to assume that what was given to you was all of his investible assets. So you ask the client whether they have anything else invested. Then you want to see what kind of performence the client wants, and what they want to achieve from investing with you. This client wanted a very agressive based portfolio. Alot of his investments were in mutual funds, however the issues with his investments in these funds was that they were under the same manager. This poses a large problem because something could happen to the fund; and it is does your money is going to take a huge loss. We wanted to invest him in a lot of different mutual funds with different areas of focus. We did the research on my bosses handy program that shows the performance of each fund ranging from 3, 5, 8, 10, 15 years in duration. You pick the best fund with the best percentile. After we did all of this work we wrote out a report which I cannot disclose here. and the account is in our possession which means money in our pockets. we take on percent of the investible assets.

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