Toni B.

I apologize for getting back to you so late, I have been very busy with work and have had no internet access at home. My experience is better and better by the day. I am beginning to establish better relationships with colleagues from work. By getting to know these people I have been getting the opportunity to learn more about the business as a whole, the individuals’ roles within the business, and their work experience.

On a more technical level, I have noticed that MS Excel is heavily used in this business for both investment and performance analysis. Lately I have spent time assisting my manager with excel and have learned a lot. Personally, I would think it would be great if you could somehow incorporate the basics of excel in your classes; I think it would be a great preparation for internships and full time career, and this is not only in the finance arena, but in any business…thought I share this with you!

I had the opportunity to attend a dinner with a couple of the financial advisors from the office; obviously it was a business dinner. Scudder Investments, subsidiary of Deutsche Bank came to sell one of its products to the Merrill Lynch group I am working for. It was selling a mutual fund product that is a secure method of investment for retirement plans. My office holds these type of meetings every Tuesday and Thursday during lunch. They are a great learning experience as it gives me a chance to learn about different products. Another meeting which I attended was a meeting between all the financial advisors in the office; via conference call they discussed some good investments/ideas which they might further look into as a whole.

With regards to the internship paper, how long does it have to be?

Also, I would like to let you know that I will be interning until July 15, and then will be going home where I will not have access to the internet until I get back to Dickinson, so I will not be able to go on this website and post more updates.

Thank you,

Toni Bujas

This week went by pretty quickly. I did a lot of interesting things. I finished an excel sheet that I was getting started on last week. It was a simple project, all I had t do was put in all their clients and some of their information, but it was pretty time consuming because there were lot of clients. Next week I will start working on calling prospective clinets and will have other projects on the side that I will be told about next week. Other than that, I was really looking forward to the weekend, and I hope that you are all enjoying your internship.