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So Landura just got out of a huge lawsuit where the tenants sued due to excess mold and mildew in the units. When I inspected, I found that there was only mildew in the units that weren’t cared for. Go figure. Anyway, this lawsuit has been a big setback for Landura for a few years running, and it was finally settled last week. We only pay something like $8,000 and we have to take care of the maintenance issues that we would take care of if regular tenant maintenance requests were submitted. Really not a bad deal for us. The owner was relieved like you wouldn’t believe, and I got to tell him. This was nice because I’d just gotten into a pseudo-accident when a piece of a tire flew into the front of my car, denting the hood, etc. The good news outweighed the bad. Veeery nice for me. Also, I finally met Bob Engle- my dad’s lawyer and the one that covered the lawsuit. That was fun, since I’ve heard his name all my life but had never actually met him. Go figure. Anyway, just thought I’d throw that update in because it’s HUGE for the company.

Yesterday …

wow, it’s been so long since i’ve written anything! so here’s what’s new. i think i already covered the whole thorough inspection of the MB/MC sites. I went back a day or two later to check out about the signs out front of the property. the current signs are literally falling apart and we need to replace them. however, in order to do so we need a permit from the city, which means we need to pay them. – the property manager of that site up until a week or so ago- had taken money out of the company to pay for these, but the money had never been cashed by the city. we have a sneaking suspicion that she never gave the money over in the first place. also, she took out $900 per sign, when in actuality we only needed $250 per. soooo tricky, eh? well she was told last week that she was being let go at the end of the month, and they’d give her a big bonus to tide her over for the rest of the year. however, those sites were given to a more efficient property manager, Windie, who got on them right away. so i helped her check out the status on the signs and i got new paperwork to be filled out. then i did some lovely photography of Cascade Valley, Battleground, and Rivergrove (last two are in Wa. State) yesterday and today. I’ve been running around doing a whole bunch of little things, but not a huge amount to report. lots of work being done on the paper, and it would be great if i could send it in all together instead of via email. is there any way to do that, professor? because my appendix/portfolio would just be a lot nice if it weren’t separate attachments. let me know if there’s any way to work that out, i have a lot of pictures, too. so for the most part all is well. next Wed. i’m heading to Eastern Oregon and to Idaho to make sure things are in order, i’m taking pictures and sending my report back to the office. from there i’m taking off on my looong treck driving cross country with my mom back to school. wish me luck!!

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