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I think the wiki looks good.  I fixed all the links and placed main menus in everyone’s paper who had posted it.  I also figured out how to make the footnote numbers look sweet so if anyone wants to do that just copy and paste the code from my paper.  If anyone has any suggestions for what else I should do post on the blog.  I check it again when I get home tomorrow.  Everyone have a sweet summer and try not to kiss too many boys.  Or at least thats my goal.  But thats never gonna work.  Whateva, see you guys later.

Ive realized that if everyone links their numbers to a footnote page every time someone edits the footnotes it will delete the last person’s. Example my 1 is the same as Danny’s 1, so everyones numbers goes to the same footnote page. Is there a way to keep it restricted to each person’s page.

We might need this too.

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