The archives have given me a goldmine…I recently discovered that Slape had published copies of his poems and speeches delivered at several Belles Lettres Society meetings.  These were published by request of former colleagues and other prominent members of the Society.

In his personal file there was also a drawing of him.

Ok, basically I have become a hermit in the archives as of late.  I found that my Dickinsonian appears in multiple works in the archives including the Trustee Minutes, Faculty Minutes (Phi Kappa Sigma incident), the Dickinson College Catalog from 1856 till 1859 (where I discovered that he entered college as a sophomore), Alumni Records published in 1886 and again in the 1905 edition, Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity Minutes and at times as the Secretary, and The General Register of the Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity from 1850 till 1920.

While searching through the archives and more specifically the Catalog, I discovered his roommates, that he lived at 4 East College, course curriculum, tuition, etc. that was all published in that work.

Involvement of Slape with the continuance of Epsilon Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma at Dickinson College

Courtesy of Phi Kappa Sigma Epsilon Chapter History Webpage Document, Signed letter by members of Phi Kappa Sigma, including Albert H. Slape, promising the disbandment of the Epsilon Chapter, November 27, 1857.

Courtesy of Dickinson College Special Collections

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