Focus- I have been researching public health in cumberland county and I have found a few articles in the periodicals series as well as some information from the library catalogue. I will  focus on how the medical care reforms impacted the public health in Carlisle and cummberland county. At the time the medical care reforms had an impact on rural areas and it would be intresting to research their impact in carlisle. Also I will be looking into Public health in the Dickinson community at the time.

I thought it might be intresting to research about the development of public health in cumberland county, at the time medical care was changing and rural areas were greatly affected. It might also be intresting to study the immigration at the time.

Here are two more little excerpts I found about Blackledge. Apparentley he had to return home due to his wifes health:
“Rev. James Blackledge who had during the last four years been connected with our mission in Japan as teacher in the Anglo Japanese College sails for America August 15. He returns to this country on account of is wife’s health. Brother Blackledge went out to Japan from the Philidelphia Confrence.” (”THE METHODIST WORLD :Abroad. At Home..” Zion’s Herald (1868-1910), April 4, 1888, 0_1. (accessed February 17, 2008).

I also found out that his house burnt down while he was living in San Fernando CA, “Prof. James Blackledge, of Maclay College of Theology, who is also the pastor of our San Fernando Church, lost his home, with all its contents, by fire, on the 8th.”
(”RELIGIOUS ITEMS.” Zion’s Herald (1868-1910), August 18, 1886, 264. (accessed February 17, 2008).

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