I just typed in my information about the politics of the classes of 1872 and 1873 two times and each time it was erased. Rest assured, I have the information in my notes.

The citing took up a lot more space than I thought it was going too. I have like 5 to 5 1/2 pages of writing, but w/ the citing im on 7 pages right now. Also, I have a question about sources. Are we allowed to cite another person’s blog as a source? I need a little bit of info on the class of 1876, and what effects the Panic of 73 would have had one them.

1861-student body is cut in half by start of civil war.  the faculty for the duration of the war was four profs and the president.

1863-rebs stayed on campus overnight until a messenger calls them to gettysburg

emory female college is established-due to hardships of having so few students and hence falling revenues.

1866-alternative classes start fo be allowed – analytical chem for greek in the junior year, or for latin or greek in the senior year.

students can also take hebrew, french, or calculus as alternates

also, a class was set up for prespective teachers

1870- passage of the 15th amendement is cause for celebration. well, not to everyone, the papers called it “the darky amendment”. There was also a small rebellion- the sophs and juniors demanded to go, and when the faculty said no, they went anyway. they were all suspended, and they threatened to leave the college as a group unless the punishment was rescinded. It was, and as a result, they came back.

1876- A student group asked the poet walt whitman to come to campus. For some reason that shocked the faculty, and they were all happy when he said he coulnt make time for them.

Lots of changes in this era. I remember also seeing that religion was gradually being deemphasized by science, and that even though majors and minors did not yet exist, this was the beggining of the end of four years of standardized learning material

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