I’m finding some pretty cool pictures related to Daniel Drawbaugh and some of his projects.  Unfortunately, I have yet to find a photo that is as sinister as the one I put up here a few weeks ago.

Despite his valiant efforts to bring work and money to Cumberland County, Daniel Drawbaugh was eternally in debt.  The sole reason behind his failure to secure a patent for the telephone was that he didn’t have the $60 to do so.  Had he been able to obtain the money, perhaps the history of Cumberland County would have been different.  More jobs would have been available and Drawbaugh would have been better financially equipped to fund his future endeavors.  To add insult to injury, or death as it were, Drawbaugh left his wife a whopping $350 when he died.

Over the weekend, I went to the Cumberland County Historical Society to find a couple of last minute items on Daniel Drawbaugh and his relationship with Cumberland County’s economy.  I ended up finding quite a bit of information regarding everything from his telephone-related court issues to several of his other projects including his plans to bring affordable power and light to Cumberland County by harnessing the energy of the nearby creeks.  With everything that I found over the weekend, I don’t really feel the need to drag Charles E. Himes into this project.  If the object of my project is to discuss economic-related issues, Charles Himes does not really need to be involved.  Sorry, Charles.  There is a time and a place for you, but this is not it.

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