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As danny has already said, we’ve met and made some progress on the Political section of the wiki page. Our plan right now is to establish both national and local context that is related to our 3 mini-sections. Discussing events such as the Compromise of 1877, the presidential election of 1876, local elections, conflicts in the west, government policies, etc. will help us paint a general picture of the political transition that defined the nation and Cumberland County during this time period.    


-General Context

-United States policy towards Native Americans pre-1876/1876 (Indian Wars)

-The significance of the Battle of Little Big Horn/Custer’s death both nationally and in Cumberland County

- “  “  “  “  “  ” post-1876

-The three methods of Indian education

-Pratt/The Carlisle Indian School 

-Carlisle as the ideal place for the school

-Criticisms of the government’s policy towards Native Americans

-The perceptions/attitudes of the town towards Native Americans/the school (Microfilm)

-Analysis of Pratt’s legacy and his methods of assimilation through education


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