Etchison was only land commissioner for a year in Oklahoma-why would he go to Oklahoma? What is a land commissioner? Why would he only be the land comissioner for a year? Was he elected or appointed to this position? Did he then stay in Oklahoma or immediately return to Maryland? (He is in MD by 1916 for the election)

19th Century newspapers:

Search: Cherokee Strip commissioner-full text

2 resulsts-first unreadable-picture of original source which was torn, crumpled, etc.

2nd result: “Cherokee Strip Lands in Kansas”-editorial-about an assistant land commissioner

Explains that the Land Commissioner’s office is responsible for the sale/lease/apportioning of land

This article intimates that some sort of sale of this land occurred between the U.S. government and the Cherokee Indians and that the Cherokee Indians want some of the profits from the government’s further sale of the land to private citizens. The editorial suggests that this is an unfair claim since the lands were already paid for.

I think I should take a break from primary sources and look for secondary sources that will directly explain the land conflicts.

Day 2-Sunday

The House of Representatives website says that the 65th Congress began in 1917-the right time period for Etchison’s campaign

Wikipedia-I checked here briefly to see if Etchison was elected to the 65th congress for which he was running

I did not see his name under the senators or the representatives, so he must not have won the election

19th Century Newspapers

In full text:

Search: 1916 election-in Maryland

No results

Search: 65th congress-in Maryland

No results

Search: 1917 election-in Maryland-the article detailing preliminary details about the election was printed in 1916, so the actual election may have taken place in 1917

No results

In abstract, citation, title:

Search: 1916 election-in Maryland

No results

Search: 1917 election-in Maryland

No results

Search: 65th Congress-in Maryland

No results

American Periodicals Series

Search for articles

1917 election, no limits, found only one article concerning Canada

1916 election, no limits, found only eight articles-only two seemed relevant, but neither mentioned Etchison

Election Maryland Congress, no limits, found 264 articles

Refined search: to time frame 1/1/1867-1/1-1967, 102 articles found

Refined search: time frame 1/1/1915-1/1/1920, 1 article found-concerned the passage of an amendment

Etchison congress, from 1/1/1915-1/1/1920, no results

Etchison election, same time, no results

Etchison Maryland, same time, no results

Historical Newspapers

Etchison election, 1915-1920, no results

Etchison Maryland, same time, no results

Etchison congress, same time, no results

Maryland Congress, same time, no results

I’m going to have to figure out another way to search for this election in the newspapers. I refuse to believe that no one wrote anything about these elections except for that small blurb talking about Etchison running unopposed for the Democratic party.

Searching for “Cherokee strip”

Wikipedia: strip of land formerly occupied by the Cherokee nation-after the Civil War, Cherokees had to renegotiate treaties because of their alliance with the confederacy-Eventually sold the land to the United States in 1893, still referred to as the Cherokee Strip

19th Century U.S. Newspapers

Search title, abstract, citation for “cherokee strip” in Oklahoma, 110 results

Need more information to refine search-will return later

America History and Life

Search: “Cherokee strip”-look for articles-14 results, found article titled: CHEROKEE SOVEREIGNTY IN THE GILDED AGE: THE OUTLET QUESTION- Dickinson does not have this journal-will return if I can not find other information about the Cherokee Strip
No articles seemed to concern the administrative element of the strip-which Etchison would have been involved in-only what life was like in the strip
APS online
Search-“Cherokee strip”-281 documents found
Refine- ? how should I use publication titles, etc to refine my search?
Added keyword “administration”-no results
Replaced with keyword “administrate”-no results
Replaced with keyword “commissioner”-13 results, primarily Christian publications-advertisements of land sales
Conclusion: Find out if the commissioner would have been involved in land sales, if these land sales affected Indians, if these searches concerning the strip can be refined more efficiently

I did a preliminary search on Thursday of Henry Dorsey Etchison’s name. I hoped this research would have lead to other keywords to research.

Dickinson College Archives:

Henry Dorsey Etchison

Born: 10/19/1867

Birthplace: Frederick, MD

Parents: Henry N. and Mary E.

Married: 12/1/1903 to Elizabeth G. Maize, Williamsburg, Pa.

Occupations: Lawyer, Land commissioner in Oklahoma 1893-94

Search Terms:

“Cherokee Strip” opening in Oklahoma


Search terms-Exact matches only

Name: Henry dorsey

Last Name: etchison

Date: 1867 to 1967

Lived in: USA, all states

No results

Search terms-unchecked “Exact matches only”

Name: Henry dorsey

Last Name: etchison

Birth Date: 1867

In: USA, Maryland

Found: Wrong H. Dorsey Etchison-Spouse listed as a “Mary H.”

Etchison’s father’s census records-Henry N. Etchison

Under Marriage/Birth/Death Certificates: Father may have been married twice, to H.D.E.’s mother Mary E. and to Sarah Boteler

No “Henry Etchison” of any variation shows up under military records

Court Records option showed documents from Indiana and a Henry Etchison born in Alabama

No notable encyclopedia matches

No results

Search under publications

Exact matches only

Henry dorsey/ Etchison

USA, all states

Year range: 1867-1967

No keywords

No results

Uncheck “exact matches only”

Same search criteria

No results

America History and Life:

Search Keywords: Henry Dorsey Etchison

No results as is-AHL provided Henry, Dorsey, and Etchison as separate keywords

Etchison-5 Results

Matched author Don L. Etchison

19th Century Newspapers

Search Keywords in citation, title, abstract: Henry Dorsey Etchison

Limited to State of Maryland

No Results

Same search info, not limited to State of Maryland

No Results

Same search info, Keywords to full text: Henry Dorsey Etchison

No Results

Same search info, Keywords to full text, Limited to State of Maryland

No Results

American Periodicals Series

Searched keywords: Henry Dorsey Etchison in “Search for Articles”

No results

Searched Keywords: Henry Dorsey Etchison in “Search for Periodicals”

No results

Archives USA

Collection Search

“All keywords”: Henry Dorsey Etchison

No results

Historical Newspapers (ProQuest)

Citation and Document Text Keyword: Henry Dorsey Etchison

17 articles found

1st result: fair opening, C.C. “Dorsey” participating in horse show

3rd result: Montgomery College graduates, different Dorsey

5th result!!!!: Five in Race for Congress-including Henry Dorsey Etchison- “…is the only democrat to file papers, and it is likely that the nomination will go to him without contest.”

The Washington Post, April 10, 1916-pg 2.

Final Results:

Etchison was not listed as part of any Dickinson student organizations but was listed as a land commissioner during the opening of something called the “Cherokee strip.”

Also, he was a candidate in a congressional race.

Next Search-Find out what the “Cherokee strip” is

Find out the details of 1916 congressional race.

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