Ive realized that if everyone links their numbers to a footnote page every time someone edits the footnotes it will delete the last person’s. Example my 1 is the same as Danny’s 1, so everyones numbers goes to the same footnote page. Is there a way to keep it restricted to each person’s page.

I’ve got my paper on, but I couldnt get the footnotes

Yesterday I went to the Historical Society and I found a ton of pictures. Today I uploaded, formatted and put them on the wiki. It took some time but I think it came out pretty good.

So yea, I only had a few citations left to fix on my paper but now the entire paper has been deleted. I accidentally moved my class work folder, which holds all my papers for every class, into the recycle bin and when i looked in it nothing was there. And all of the network administrators already went home so I’ll be logged onto the library computer until tomorrow when hopefully they can retrieve all my papers.

Yea… it blows

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