Just finished my paper.  Going to read it over quickly tomorrow then hand it in along with my encyclopedia edition!  Also, I fixed my pictures on the wiki, theyre a nice size now.  I also added another one.

I’m glad to see that the wiki and the blog are up and running again! Anyways, I wrote most of my paper yesterday, it is going pretty well, still needs some fine tuning and such. I have a lot of context, almost 3 pages worth, but it works well with the theme of the paper. Can’t wait to see everyone in class!

I got two pictures from A History of Women in America. I think these are valuable because they portray women working in the factories in the 1870s, on the cusp of the Industrial Revolution. I just put them up on the wiki, they are fairly large so I think I should try to make them smaller, just need to figure that out!

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