I’ve got to say, Japan has some of the absolute best stuffed animals and toys.  The most difficult thing about shopping here is not deciding if I should buy anything, but rather what I should buy.  This being the last day in Japan, I decided to go to Sakae and do some serious shopping for my little man.  I ended up getting some pretty great cars and stuffed animals.  Brenda even has a couple of awesome stuffed animals coming her way.  When she was pregnant with Isaac, her cousin, who was living in Tokyo, mailed us a box filled with Japanese toys and stuffed animals for our son-to-be.  It never really crossed my mind, at the time, that I might ever get the opportunity to come here to purchase some of my own.  Needless to say, I am glad that I had the chance to visit Nagoya, and hopefully, my family will be pleased with what I have to give them upon my return.  Actually, I’m kind of banking on the notion that they will be just glad to see me.

The final group dinner on Friday night was a fantastic one.  Any kind of meal in which the food (and sake) keeps coming and coming is OK with me.  I loved being able to try so many different kinds of food in such a short amount of time.  Even the crickets were delicious.  They were reminiscent of pecans and cinnamon, but with more legs.  Awesome!!  I thought it was fantastic to have to whole group together one last time, and it seemed as though everyone was equally happy to be together for the feast.

I also discovered that I truly love sake (pronounced:  sockaaaaaaayyyy!!!!!).  Several difference kinds were in abundance Friday night.  One could say that it was flowing like the Nile.  Good times!!!  Our “last supper,” as it were, was quite a fitting one in that we got to spend a rather large chunk of time just relaxing and reflecting on our trip.  Afterwards, some of the group went clubbing while four of us went and watched Olympic qualifying at a bar.  Beer and long-distance running never worked so well together.

I forgot to include my haiku regarding the bloody ceilings that we saw. So here it is. It is entitled:

I Couldn’t Believe How Insanely Awesome This Part of the Trip to Kyoto Was. I Mean, Really, Did Any of You Think That Anything in the World Could be so Awesome? by Mike Landis
Power is fleeting

When there’s blood on the ceiling

Better wash your floors

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