I must say, Miss Itoh Orson (I think that’s her name), is quite spectacular. Although the two hour session may have been a little excessive I learned a lot in that time. I know nothing about writing anything in Japanese, but I do know a limited amount about art. It was fun watching her perform her talent and work and be able to ask her what she thought. I knew a decent amount of thought went into calligraphy and into any work of art, but she was able to express the somewhat methodical but much more emotional approach to her expression. I noticed how exceptionally excited she was that we were interested in what she did as she brought out everything from giant brushes to multiple demonstrations and taught essentially mini workshops. It was refreshing to see someone doing what they obviously really love. Thanks again to her.

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting at Nara, but I got more than I thought I would. The Buddha was quite magnificent and humbling because of its grandeurs, but I wanted to comment on the deer. Around the temple there are an extraordinary number of deer all walking and hanging out on the walkways. Through my time in Japan I have come to think that the Japanese in general tend to do things that make much more common sense than in America. However, at Nara I saw a seemingly dumb side. The reason all the deer were around with their excrement and probable diseases was because they were selling wafers to feed them. Then I saw people taunting the animals and then getting angry when the deer pushed them or ran after them. Well of course its going to be aggressive if you taunt it with food. So yeah, Buddha was awesome, rain was wet and the deer were cool, but the people could maybe use a good gore from the deer. Just joking, but not really…. kidding….

In our outing to find Geisha we thought our best bet was to sit a wait to see if one would walk by. During this time we got the grand opportunity to view the ‘modern geisha’ as we dubbed them all going into the same place. The title was just a joke, but it was interesting seeing how we could predict who would go into that place based on how they were dressed. Basically, they had the modern fashion of high heels with knee socks some short skirt and a top of some sort. Through this I found that although it looks as if the Japanese dress funny it can be directly compared to fashions in America and really both sides are just following the modern trends. As for our geisha we saw three and jumped up and ran over to take a picture. And then the mean old lady led them away.

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