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pa0506211.JPGReleasing the mice
pa040583.JPGOne of the bulls
pa030540.JPG Looking at some elk

pa030538.JPGCrossing the suspension bridge

This past weekend professor Wingert’s class had the please of staying in Elk County, PA. The students crossed a 200 foot suspension bridge to a cabin belonging to an old friend of Professor Wingert. We got to see probably an excess of 20 elk, and meet with one of the regions most esteemed Elk studiers. We also cooked out and went hiking.The students also got to trap for small species along a trial using have a heart traps they had built themselves.
The most exciting part of the weekend came when three Bulls got into a scruffle over three cows right in the driveway of where we were staying. The owner told us it was the most excitement he had ever seen on his property since he moved there in ‘96. Attached is one image taken from my phone of professor Wingert filming an Elk. photo_100408_002.jpg

On Saturday 9/20 Professor Wingert’s class went canoeing on the Susquehanna. Organized by The Sierra Club, the group (locals came along too) canoed down to McCormicks Island. There we cleaned up trash and loaded it into our canoes. We stopped for lunch and a short lecture on the Susquehanna given by Professor Wingert and then continued on to City Island.

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