Literary Representations of History and Identity

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the blog for the Literary Representations of History and Identity Learning Community.

The Learning Community has already had it’s first two events, a movie night on August 27th and a dinner on September 9th.

At the movie night, we watched “The Usual Suspects.” This was a great movie and it also connected really well to the Learning Community seminars. When the film finished, we had a discussion about how the movie portrays the concepts of truth and identity, and also how it related to Plato.

The dinner was also a success! We started the night with an ice breaker game where everyone get to learn some interesting facts about everyone else in the Learning Community. We had a Mexican themed buffet and watched a documentary about Jewish gauchos in Argentina in preparation for reading Parricide on the Pampa.

Here are some photos from the dinner!

Our next event is on Sunday, September 28th! We will be going to Washington, DC to attend the FiestaDC street fair and to see “The Aging of the Plum” at the Gala Theatre.

Please feel free to leave comments about what you think about the Learning Community so far, or even events you’d like to have in the future. :)

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